2 Passos restaurant
Gastronomy with a taste of the sea
The history of 2 PASSOS Restaurant began in1982, when João and Marjolijn started their project. At the time they were given the opportunity by the local authorities, to choose an area to locate the restaurant between Garrão and Quinta do Lago. João and Marjolijn decided on a secluded spot on a wild beach in Ancão, to open a restaurant and beach concession, and so began of 2 Passos. 
Nowadays 2 Passos is in the hands of a second generation of owners Joaquim and Mafalda Coelho, providing continuity to the 2 Passos concept and the continuation of the simple and friendly service. 
2 PASSOS Restaurant provides exceptional service and great quality, in a dynamic environment with the "taste of the sea" and is the perfect setting for a relaxing and  enjoyable holiday.
We have a very experienced team, who provide exceptional service, ensuring your satisfaction and an unforgettable visit to Ancão Beach.
Our team awaits you
Thank you so much! History will continue to be written. Our restaurant will wait for you all…